Rapid Application Development

The collaborative process I often use to iteratively drive forward the development and implementation of business process requirements.

Previously known as Rapid Prototyping, this agile development method involves putting together a bare-bones system as quickly as the minimum requirements are understood. The requirements are detailed in formal documentation if necessary. This "prototype" is delivered for testing and feedback.

While the testing progresses, more requirements are collected and understood/negotiated. Then a new prototype is developed incorporating changes driven by the feedback and new requirements. For basic functionality, perhaps just a few, or even a couple of iterations can deliver a final system.

I have built very elaborate user interfaces that involved dozens of iterations.

It's important to understand that, to the degree data are collected with an interface prototype, that data can be retained in the next prototype. Rapid Application Development can provide a fast track development method. One especially valuable factor is that, to the degree the participants understand organization priorities, they can guide one another toward higher value-added features and away from side-tracks.

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